Hype: An Illegal, physical-enhancing narcotic capable of increasing a person's strength, speed, and endurance nearly two hundred percent.

     For the Coalition's growing number of  Hypers it's the ultimate high; a way to temporarily escape the bonds of normalcy and experience the wonders of Parahumanity.

     For the dedicated Operatives of the Law Enforcement Directorate it's an insidious poison slolwy eroding the moral foundation of Coalition society.

     For crime Sovereign, Tizian Sterva it's a key component of an ambitious scheme that if successful, will alter the course of Coalition history!
         The Hyperactive Trilogy
      The Creation Series
Nina was a normal woman living a normal life...until the visions started.

Visions of death and destruction that threatened her sanity...Visions of the future.

And though religion never played much of a part in Nina's life, she soon realizes that her new ability is in fact a gift from Heaven.

But Heaven isn't what she thought it was, nor is the world around her.

And that's only the beginning...
The Complete Trilogy
Book One
Book Two
Book Three
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   Book One
The Life Lessons Series
A series of short stories dealing with subjects of everday life.
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